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What is chlorobenzoic acid



Chlorobenzoic acid is a chemical, white powder; mp 238U.

Chlorobenzoic acid is a chemical, white powder; mp 238U.

Chlorobenzoic acid chioroher}xoic acid has three isomers of o-chlorobenzoic acid: o (. one), l%J (;, one) and p-net one). Colorless full t-shaped crystal; ccx}} melting point 139~-141 ℃; soluble in hot water, ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in Shanghai, insoluble in toluene; irritating to the skin; strong acid gas}t; i in benzoic acid ; Preparation of di-m-chlorobenzoic acid by post-oxidation of toluene after chlorination or by Sandmeyer's reaction of o-chloroaniline by diazonium salt, white crystal; melting point 154-156}:; pKa3.83; In alcohol and ether, insoluble in dry water; prepared by direct chlorination of benzoic acid or by Sandmeier reaction of diazonium salt from m-chloroaniline. p-chlorobenzoic acid, self-coloring powder; melting point 238U; LzKa3 .97; soluble in toluene, ethanol and ether, insoluble in water; toluene is chlorinated post-oxidation or prepared by the Sandmeyer reaction of p-chloroaniline through diazonium salt. All three are important organic chemical raw materials for organic synthesis.

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